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Most of these pictures will be taken of my Canon T-90.  The T-90 was a short-lived camera, only being in production about a year.  But what a camera!  The design of the camera formed the basis of many 35mm cameras that followed it's production including the Canon EOS system but you will see a familiarity in other manufactures including the Nikon series.

Last updated 09/09/09
Here's my camera.  I'll try to locate the larger version from which this almost thumb comes from.  There is a real good web-site that covers the T-90.  It's a Malaysian site, but not to worry -- I've been there many times and there is no problem with the web site.  Here it is:

Start here first with the T-90 Concept Page and then come back here for the next link.

Now click here for the main T-90 page.  It's an amazing camera and I'm looking forward to many trips into the field to take some great shots.

I wrote a journal on my experience in its purchase.  You can read about it here.


I now own two T90's.  The new one is in better cosmetic condition but they both work just fine.  I have included a high resolution version of the "twins."  The current plan is to send the first one out for complete service.  Don't know if I'll have the shop upgrade the appearance or not.  


Here are some pictures taken with the second T90.  A trail not far from my house.

I used my ML-3 ring flash as for the macro pics and fill for the others.  Works very well, I think.  The lens is a Canon 50mm lens.  The Christmas flower was taken using the extension tube.  I was really taken with the bright greens of the moss.  Yep -- that's really what it looked like -- beautiful.

This Christmas Castus decided to bloom in May

Some shots at Lake Massabesic

Shots with my 500mm, 35-105mm zoom & 50mm macro flash with ML-3 ring flash

A Hike on a Trail Near Lake Massabesic - June 16, 2009

I think you have guessed by now that I like the trails around Lake Massabesic.  This is one that I took that I don't think is used very much

Click here for a wallpaper
from this hike.

More to come from this

More pictures of Lake Massabesic (same place)

Here is a continuation of my visit to this part of Lake Massabesic.  I had put another roll in the camera and finished the shoot but the results were horrible.  There was just too much grain.  That was with Kodak Ultra 400 film.  It has a Grain Index of 46 which is relatively grainy, 25 being at the threshold of grain.  So I looked around and decided to give Kodak High Definition 400 film. Kodak High Definition has a Grain Index of 39 -- better than Ultra and good enough to eliminate my graininess problem.  Fuji film?  My worse grain problem came from Fuji film contrary to conventional "wisdom."  It was suggested that I try something a bit slower but I like 400 speed film for most of my work - even outdoors.  If you have any suggestions please email me at

Well, here is the result.  I did some Panoramics using my 17 mm wide angle lens and cropping the top and bottom of the pictures.  What do you think?

A field approaching Lake Massabesic. Very nice and isolated. Another view of the field. Lake shore.  Much lower than in the spring Panoramic of Lake looking east

Some 2009 vacation pics

Here are some pictures I took on my 2009 vacation.  For now it will be random.  Later I'll add in some commentary - info etc. The first two pics were taken from a covered bridge (location to be disclosed later) but I thought the twin archway bridges were more interesting.

On your left -- this difficult shot was taken using the Canon T90's multiple spot metering feature.  Up to 7 metering samples can be taken at different parts of the scene before shooting, allowing for pretty accurate exposure.    

Here are some Panoramic experiments.  I used my 17mm super-wide lens and cropped the tops and bottoms.  I couldn't be consistent because I liked some of the grass detail in the foreground in some pics.

These pics were taken at the mouth of the Merrimack in Newburyport, Ma.  Note: you will see a little graininess in these pictures.  Frankly, I'm disappointed with RitzPics.  I'm getting some good grain characteristics with some of the same films (Kodak Ultra ASA 400).  I think they are letting the developer go too long and that's why I get these inconsistent results.  One things for sure -- don't wait 'til the end of the day or Sunday afternoon -- 'cause I think they let things go too long.  Most of their customers just get 4 X 6 prints.  Any suggestions for better quality developing / conversion to digital are welcome.

The last 4 pics were taken from Joppa Flats Education Center, Newburyport, Ma.

These wide-angle pics were taken along RT 30 in Brattleboro, across from Grafton Cheese outlet.

I was going to convert them into Pans, but the grass detail was so good I didn't have the heart to.  So, for your information, the lens is a 17mm Canon FD. As you can see, it's a favorite spot for Kayaking.


I have other Canon cameras in the A series.  Here's the first installment.

Here's a picture taken with my AT-1 using a 17mm super-wide lens on Elm Street, Manchester NH.

The building is the AT&T building.  City Hall is next to it.  The dark building in the background is where I took the next photo from.

Here's a picture of the Kelly Street bridge back in 1979.  I was on top of the 1000 Elm Street building.  This was a test shoot with my then new Canon A-1.  I have more of this series that I will post later.

Kelly St Bridge, Manchester NH 1979. Taken with my Canon A1

I've relegated the first pics (below) to the end of this page.  The location is Beaver Pond in Weare New Hampshire.

Beaver Pond, Weare, New Hampshire.

My Visit to Bump Covered Bridge, a View from Blair Covered Bridge and Tower Hill Foliage


More Tower hill pictures

The next three pics are of my new macro setup.  The lens is a Tamron 85 - 220 mm with macro option -- show here with an Omega 2X adapter.  The flash is  the ML-3 ring flash.  It provided optimum off-film exposure for the next two pics -- one of a nickel and another of a microphone I used in my amateur radio setup.  Nice gold screen on the mike, don't you think?

Here's my latest addition -- you have to look a bit but under the ML-3 ring flash and it's battery pack is a pristine 50 mm Canon macro flash.  It works really well.  You can see what it can do in the picture below of the Christmas cactus.

My first T90 with the ML-3 and the 50 mm macro with 2X extension tube

Click here for the un-cropped version version.  It shows some of my other interests including Amateur Radio.